About Charles Holt

Why Choose Me? It’s Your Choice.

Some of you may ask why a relatively new guy would run for office here. Very simply, I have very fond memories of this community that date back to my childhood. Besides, I’ve lived here 3 times as long as my opponent.

My family had been camping for a week and ended our summer 1959 vacation with a celebration in Douglas County. One of my earliest memories of Gardnerville was a wonderful meal at the Overland Restaurant. The family style seating, the generous portions, and the extremely polite people impressed me. I begged my parents to move here immediately. I simply fell in love with the area and the people who live here.

It would be an honor to serve this great nation by serving the people of this community. I believe my opponent is an honorable man, but I don’t see eye to eye with him. I believe a middle ground is more sensible and reasonable. BUT, my opinion doesn’t matter. It’s you the residents whose opinions matter. My promise to you is that the majority opinion will always get my support. I will represent, and I will vote the way the community wants me to.

Community Educator

I was a high school Mathematics Teacher in a low-income district of 10,000 students for 25 years. For many of those years, I was the Department Chairperson responsible for purchasing, budgeting and accountability. I learned just the kind of skills I’d want to have for our elected officials.

I was also a KEY club advisor for many years. KEY club is a service club sponsored by Kiwanis. Our club often provided the leadership for our district and even had a governor of the state. We usually had about 100 members actively participating.

With great pride, I can tell you that a number of former students still contact me regularly. Some of the most difficult ones still touch my heart. Recently one said to me, “Thanks for being you.Your Math class was the first one I legitimately passed because you believed in me. I could feel that you genuinely cared about me as a person.” She is currently a Math teacher. It’s been an honor to touch so many young people.

Community Service

After retiring from teaching, I finally had the opportunity to retire to the area I fell in love with as a young lad. I wasn’t able to get involved in the community as soon as I would have liked. I ended up driving to Stockton, CA most weeks for 5 years. Mom needed me, so I spent 2/3 days a week in Stockton taking care of her. Boy did I learn a lot about her! The other residents in her assisted living facility also touched my heart, so I brought cases of fruit for everyone and continued to visit after mom passed until this dang virus spread. Mom’s gone, I’ve grieved, now it’s time to become involved in the community.

My first attempt at community service was to provide Free Rides for those who had a little too much to drink. My stepson Ken and I provided this service for two months until someone turned us in to the Nevada Transportation Authority, and they shut us down. We’d met with a local lawyer, the sheriff’s office and an insurance agency. We began our service under a non-profit ‘Partnership Douglas County’ since we weren’t charging anything. We thought that we were legal.

The NTA said that we were a commercial concern. Since November, we are waiting for the NTA to finish their investigation and inform us how we can comply with their regs. As young folks say, “They are ghosting us.”


In Oregon I had a chimney sweeping business.
I was the only chimney sweep, but I had an answering service. In New York, I had a small taxi company. I had 10 employees driving 8 large
vans and 2 mini vans. The business catered to large “Party Houses” in the Hamptons on Long Island, NY. I drove taxi seasonally for 20 years.

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