I’m running for Douglas County Commissioner, and here’s why.

Rapid Growth will destroy the rural character of our community. No Growth could stagnate the economy. I support a middle of the road approach. SMART GROWTH is necessary to keep our business community thriving. My goal is to bring civility back into local politics. Politicians should be servants, not rulers. It’s your right to be represented.

It’s Your Choice.

It would be an honor to serve this great nation by serving the people of this community. I believe a middle ground is sensible and reasonable. My promise is to listen to everyone in the community and I will represent those who have not been represented before.

My goal is common sense and civility.

My Values

What I Value Most is Democracy. Are you tired of voting for people that don’t end up representing you? Let’s DEMAND better. I’m proud to be a part of the Party Of Principle. As a Libertarian, I’ll fight for your choices, your liberties, and your freedoms… all the time.

Contribute To My Campaign

With your help my campaign can reach every resident in Douglas County. Donations processed via PayPal are safe and secure, and go directly to advertising and other campaign efforts.